(GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar


GPRs are used for geotechnical, geoecological, hydrological, hydrogeological, archeological and exploratory applications such as:

  • Search for buried small objects;
  • Examination of buildings and structures;
  • Exploration of facilities;
  • Mapping geological structures;
  • Defining thickness of ice floe;
  • Basin exploration and sediments mapping;
  • Detecting thickness of temporary freezing/defrostation and mapping perpetually frozen soils and taliks;
  • Special applications.


Very low power consumption, more than four hours of work with single battery
Easy to integrate GPS coordinates & GPR data into single file
Easy user interface
No limitations on file length that control unit will continue collecting data as long as the hard drive still has space.
Power Consumption (Watts) : 5.5
Power Supply (Volts) : +10.8 to 14
High Tension Output (Volts) : 150
Survey Wheel Power Output (Volts/Amps) : 5.01 / 0.2
Analogue Bandwidth (MHz) : 5 to 4000
Survey Range 6.4 to 32768 ns
Pulse Repetition Frequency User Adjustable 12.5-200 (395 Option) kHz
Scan rate 1 to 330 (420 Option traces/second
Vertical Filters Low-pass and High-pass IIR and FIR
Horizontal Filters Stacking, Background Removal Dewow
Operating Modes Time Distance One Shot (GPS trigger Option)
Data Storage Hard disk USM Mem Stick Flashcard
Gain -20 to +80dB
Software Available
Power Comsumption 5.5 Watts
Temperature -20 to +50°C
Humidity 96% non condensing
Size 12×9.44×2.16 inc
Weight + 5.4 pounds