Our Commitment

“You Can Rely On Us”

Competitive Price

Premium Quality

On Time Delivery

After Sales Service

Dear customers, we do understand that there are many organizations, which mainly move on business of Mining, Marine as well as Research Laboratories, who needs products with high technology based, precise as well as worth indeed. They are such a precious assets that the organizations relied on to attain the business objectives, such as :
1) Creating demand actively in order to meet the potential business. 2) Attaining loyal customer throughout the premium service in order to create business sustainability. 3) Maintaining dan expanding market. 4) Generating profit eventually.

Then we present to help you to bring all the above mentioned objectives become real. Refer to our brand company ANDALAN TUNAS MANDIRI, with stressing to the key word of ANDAL which means BE RELIED, we have commited since the born of this company to be your relied partner to deliver qualified products such as Geophysics Instruments and  Laboratories & Research Equipments you need.

The commitment to BE RELIED or ANDAL could be defined as :
1) RELIED on PRICE (We are ready to offer you the competitive price)
2) RELIED on QUALITY (We are ready to deliver high quality for every single important aspects of the products, both the technical
aspects and the purpose indeed)
3) RELIED on TIME DELIVERY (Quickness to response since your first contact until delivery time of the product )
4) RELIED on AFTER SALES SERVICE (We are very pleased to serve and to solve the problems happened to our sold product)

Last but not least is that we are always give our best in order to deliver products that deeply proper to your specification being required. And we are fully supported by competent, experienced as well as welcoming employee to do it all.

Congratulation then…

Since you have chosen The Right Partner….The Relied Partner…

Because we present to give you solution…