Broadband Seismometer

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  • 2 * 1000 V/(m/s)
  • 0.0083 to 50 Hz
  • surface or borehole

The KS-2000M is a BROADBAND SEISMOMETER based on the time proven Model KS-54000. Its small size makes it ideal for portable applications. KS-2000 has a flat velocity response from 120 s to 50 Hz. Different sensitivities, output levels, and low cutoff periods (100s, 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s,20s) can be ordered.

A separate Controller Interface Model CI-2000 is used to speed up the mass centering, which can also be done remotely, from the digitizer. A different version Model KS-2000/SP is available as a general purpose, portable or borehole, three-component, short period seismometer, with low cut-off periods at 5s, 2s or 1s and an upper cutoff frequency at 100 Hz. The future SMART version of KS-2000 identifies itself via a serial interface (Model, Serial Number, and calibration information) and periodically performs mass centering.



Configuration Three-component
Output, Seismic data Surface package
Number and Type Three, differential Height 28.5 cm (11.2 in.) with handle
Level 40 V peak-to-peak *) Diameter 19.0 cm (7.5 in.)
Sensitivity 2*1000 V-sec/m *)  
Temperature Range -40O to +60OC (-4O to 140OF)(also extended range to +80OC) Net Weight (25 lbs.) 11.3 kg
Frequency Response Flat to velocity, nominal from 0.0083 Hz to 50 Hz *) Submerged Operating NEMA 6 or IP67
Dynamic Range 143 dB Borehole package To be installed in 4.154 to 7 in. boreholes
Noise See figure below Height 143 cm (56 in.)
Calibration Input Each channel separately Diameter 8.9 cm (3.5 in.)
Acceleration Mode Equivalent to groundacceleration Net Weight 19 kg (42 lbs.)
Velocity Mode Equivalent  to ground velocity Submerged Operating Up to 400 m
Type Voltage – sine wave, pulse, etc Casing Stainless steel
Level 20 V peak-to-peak Mass recentering range ±15 degrees from horizontal
ControlsMass centering Manual, on remote command (KS-2000M) or periodically(SMART version only) Power +12 V DC (9 to 36 V), <0.9W
Self Identification(SMART version only) Model, S/N, and stored calibration parameters via serial port Spurious resonance Above 100 Hz
*) Other values possible.